LOGLINE: American Pot Story: Oaksterdam tells the unknown origin story of the underdogs who took a huge risk in order to revolutionize current cannabis policy.

TAGLINE: When it was time to spark a cannabis revolution, they answered the call.

SYNOPSIS: Cannabis in America has had an evolution of epic proportions over the last decade and filmmakers Dan Katzir and Ravit Markus were there to record it. They spent 10 years following a “small group of concerned committed citizens” (to quote Margaret Mead) who opened Oaksterdam University and risked it all to get Prop 19 - a measure to legalize cannabis - on the ballot in California.

American Pot Story: Oaksterdam spotlights how their harrowing campaign brought this taboo topic out of the shadows and into mainstream society. Leading the charge was Oaksterdam University Founder Richard Lee, who after becoming paraplegic, discovered cannabis provides him relief better than some traditional medications, and Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones, a woman with a heartbreaking past, who found her voice and calling after becoming part of the Oaksterdam family.

From enduring harsh public scrutiny and international media, to withstanding a federal raid that threatened prison time, their roller coaster ride towards decriminalization is as tense as it is inspiring. A true American tale, their fight serves as a reminder of how democracy can work when people come together. The documentary is not just an important historical chronicle of a time and a movement, but also a lesson on how change transpires in this country.

Other notable personalities in the film include Tommy Chong, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Oakland City Council member-at-Large Rebecca Kaplan, Oaksterdam founder Jeff Jones, Leafly’s David Downs, Salwa Ibrahim and LEAP’s Diane Goldstein, Neill Franklin, Stephen Downing and Kyle Kazan.