New Love Films

Shores of Light


Director & Producer: Yael Katzir

Executive Producers: Ravit Markus & Dan Katzir

A poignant unknown story that started a movement in Israel. After WWII thousands of Jewish Holocaust survivors landed in refugee camps in Southern Italy, dreaming of going to the Holy Land and finding safety there. After seeing the most ugly face of humanity during the war – to their surprise they were welcomed by the warm and generous poor locals in Puglia, an area far away from the centers of life in Italy. In this remote area with its breathtaking beaches, stunning architecture and endless olive trees, many of the refugees started a healing process that resulted in marriages and the birth of hundreds of babies. The film follows three Israeli women who were born there, in Santa-Maria-Di-Leuca, but came to Israel soon after with their parents. The three go on the journey of a lifetime back to the place that not only gave their parents hope, but also showed that even in the darkest moments of  history – there are rays of light.