New Love Films

Praying in Her Own Voice


Directed by Yael Katzir

Produced by Dan Katzir,
Yael Katzir & Ravit Markus

Color. Video. 60 minutes

English & Hebrew with English subtitles

Screened in numerous faith-based organizations, women and gender studies departments, and a special screening at the Israeli Ministry of Justice, a controversial documentary which raises legal questions regarding female equality in the world of religion.

This powerful film documents the courageous struggle of the famed “Women of the wall” movement. This group has spearheaded the battle for female equality in the religious world. Their main focus has been on the Wailing Wall – the holiest site for Jews where orthodox, conservative and reform women are not allowed to gather and pray. For the past decade they have challenged the government of Israel and the entire Jewish world by raising a lot of media attention both through colorful protests and by their unstoppable legal battle – which has ended several times at the Israeli Supreme Court that made some questionable rulings in their case.

A few religious groups have tried to stop these brave women from challenging the status quo. They have tried to squash their attempts by all means – via lobbying the government to make laws against them and through direct violence in order to try to intimidate and scare their followers.

The story of the Women of the Wall is a test case for the deprived status of women in Israeli public life. The film is an outcry protesting religious coercion and the violent silencing of women. It’s a film that raises many questions about the battle of the sexes within the religious Jewish world.

This important film includes interviews with some of the most influential women Rabbis in the US: Sharon Brous, Laura Geller, Naomi Levy, Lisa Edwards, Lynn Brody and Denise Eger; as well as with Rabbi David Hartman of the famous Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.



Contains passages that convey with nerve-wracking immediacy the level of passion and intimidation that Orthodox Jews of the Holy City can muster... profoundly unsettling.
Michael Fox
The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California