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Out for Love… Be Back Shortly


Directed and Produced by Dan Katzir

Cinematography by Dan Katzir

Script by Dan Katzir & Iris Arie

Narration: Sacha Baron Cohen

Color. 16mm/Video. 54 minutes

Hebrew with English subtitles

Dan Katzir’s autobiographical film expresses the outcry of his generation, as it struggles to find love and privacy amidst the reality of daily terror and hate. Mr. Katzir, a former officer and paratrooper intimately reveals his love story with Iris, a charming girl about to begin her army service.

A poetic film filled with beauty, innocence and wisdom, this film is also an important historic document with rare and shocking footage from the era of assassinated Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. Made with much love and humor, this brave film examines Israel’s most painful scars. A unique Israeli classic which has garnered 13 International Awards across the globe in numerous film festivals and a nomination for an Israeli Academy award. It aired on many networks including HBO in the US, Channel 4 – UK, France2 and Shanghai TV, to name a few.

OUT FOR LOVE has played in hundreds of venues worldwide.




One of the best and most moving Israeli films ever made.
The National Jewish News
Deeply touching. A wonderful film.
Leah Rabin
widow of assassinated Prime Minister Rabin
…Remarkable, a winning portrayal of lovers in dangerous time.
Michael Fox
San Francisco weekly
Love will prevail!
Amnon Lipkin-Shahak
General Chief of Staff, Defense Forces, 1993-1998
…rendering a new style of autobiographical documentary diary, whose intensity and rhythm increases with the pace of true life events in Israel. Filled with emotion and sentiment yet clings to hope.
Simone Tedeschi
L'Unita (Italy)
…Raw but extremely moving…In a series of correspondences far too ironic for any scriptwriter to have dreamed up, his painful movement from innocence to adulthood comes to mirror the country’s own
Adina Hoffman
Jerusalem Post
The film surprises the viewer for its sensitivity, its taste, its cinematic tone, its humility. A big achievement on every level. …A beautiful, painful and touching film…A grand experience.
Nachman Ingbar
Yediot Ahronot, Israel
An unusual and fascinating film. Bursting and kicking, warm, sometimes funny and amusing. Made with a total understanding of the cinematic media. You must see it! And remember!
Amir Kaminer
Yediot Aharonot (Israel’s largest daily newspaper)