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A wheelchair badminton champion has her first and maybe last chance to participate in the Paralympics but she’s pushing 40.
Can she still fulfill her Olympic dream?


Wheelchair badminton champion, Nina Gorodetsky, has her first and maybe last chance to make it to the Paralympics. However, she is negotiating a ticking biological clock both as an athlete and as a woman. Amidst debating what would she be willing to sacrifice to realize her Olympic dream, everything changes: the stopwatches of all the world’s athletes come to a screeching halt due to a worldwide pandemic. NINA is an ATHLETE tracks her unpredictable three-year journey to defy the odds and fulfill her athletic aspirations while staying true to her maternal desires.


Writer, Director & Producer – Ravit Markus

Co-Director, Co-Producer & Videographer – Livi Kessel

Editor – Nir Guilat

Composer – Thomas Yount

Videographer – Yonatan Zaid

Additional Videography – Dan Katzir, Iddo Markus

Co-Prodcuer – Janine McGoldrick

Consulting Producer – Mia Schaikewitz

Executive Producer – Barbara Dobkin

Executive Producer – Jonathan Kahana

Executive Producer – Jim LeBrecht

Nina vs Cynthia Mathez