New Love Films

Company Jasmine


Directed by Yael Katzir

Produced by Dan Katzir & Yael Katzir

Cinematography: Dan Katzir

Color. Video. 52 minutes

Hebrew with English subtitles

An award winning documentary capturing for the first time the prestigious Women Field Officers’ School in the IDF. Filmmaker Yael Katzir, herself a former officer, followed for months the fifty women cadets in training. These are among the toughest female soldiers in the Israeli army and director Katzir got access to their most challenging struggles as they cope with pressures and fears. During this course they will  discover their limits and need for friendships as they tough it out to the finish line. It is a story of how a traditionally male club is now challenged by women who want to break the glass ceiling around them.



Fascinating and deeply moving. A very important film. It speaks the voice of many women.
Dr. Sylvia Jjaui
Gender Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Never a dull moment. An authentic, dynamic and complex film. It will definitely provoke public discussion.
Nissim Dayan
Film Critic, Israel
It shows what women can do and how much things have changed since my generation was in service.
Leah Rabin
widow of assassinated Prime Minister Rabin


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