New Love Films

The Albanian Code


Director and Producer:
Yael Katzir

Writer: Dan Katzir

Executive Producer: Ravit Markus

The Albanian Code was shown in the United Nations and also at a special screening with the President of Albania. This powerful documentary features the untold story of how the Albanian government and the Albanian people saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, even after they were occupied by the Nazis. The entire population risked their lives because of the Albanian moral code that dictated saving refugees.

The film is told through the personal story of Ennie Altaraz Francis who was one of the many Jews who were rescued by random Albanian strangers. Now she takes her daughter and they go on a journey of a lifetime to thank the people of Albania. During their journey they encounter the son of the former King of Albania and thank him personally for the risk his nation took at his father’s lead when he was king. That made them the only nation that defied tyranny in an organized way in order to save refugees who were persecuted because of their religion and/or race.